About Me


I am blessed to be the wife of an Air Force Major and mother of three amazing boys.  Much of my day is spent homeschooling with the goal of giving our boys a strong academic education and to be spiritually wise, aiming them for the path that God provides for them.

I seem to always have a plethora of painting  projects whirling around in my head and excitedly anticipate jumping into them, but the day to day responsibilities and my sidetrackedness, (that REALLY should be a word), keep me from starting, much less completing, any of them. I am truly grateful to have my responsibilities so I am not complaining mind you, but who doesn't wish for a few more hours in the day to accomplish some fun extras.  
I am hoping that by starting this blog adventure it will give me some accountability and possibly get  me on track, HA, (it could happen) with these ideas dancing in my head. The thought that maybe some of you would like to see the finished products as well gets me exited to get started.